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Ashburn, United States

Clear Vision

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Blocks blue and dazzling lights while improving contrast.
Night vision becomes clearer even in bad weather conditions.
Significantly reduces eye fatigue for added safety and comfort.
You can wear them alone or over existing glasses.

Siempre las llevo en la moto. Imprescindibles en verano!

Jean Lemarc

Parfait pour conduire avec beaucoup de soleil ou une nuit profonde.

Fran Cruise

great vision. I use them a lot.

The new glasses that will make driving at night safer.

It will surprise you to learn than more than 40% of accidents happen at night, when many factors can play tricks on us. Would you like to massively avoid this risk? It is time for a solution and to drive safer at night time. Invest in your safety and that of your family when driving with the newest technology: Clear Vision Security.

But the tragedy doesn't end there. With inexperienced teenage drivers, 58% of accidents happen between 9pm and midnight.

The lack of experience when driving under night conditions and the artificial lighting is usually to blame for these accidents. Be part of the change and make driving at night much safer with your own pair of night driving glasses.

There is a solution: Clear Vision Security.

The Clear Vision Security glasses have been created to avoid glare given that they absorb and block out ultraviolet rays. All of this is thanks to the latest vision technology. But the tragedy doesn't end there. With inexperienced teenage drivers, 58% of accidents happen between 9pm and midnight.

Their blue colour also reduces light intensity from vehicle headlights, filters the glare reflected from objects and the roads so that drivers can see clearly.

Glare is one of the main reasons for accidents

That's why Clear Vision Security has been created, which is already successful in many countries, both due to their many safety advantages behind the wheel and affordable price. There is also their modern design, which makes them much more wearable than other products offered by competitors with more flamboyant designs.

Their main characteristics are that

  1. They avoid glare because they absorb and block out ultraviolet rays
  2. Also, thanks to their technology and blue colour, they reduce light intensity from vehicle headlights.
  3. The style of the glasses will never be out of fashion.
  4. Only available online.

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