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Safe Alarm

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The ideal portable alarm for your defense.
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The portable alarm that could save you from a tricky or dangerous situation.
It is the same size as a simple keychain with a very simple mechanism to activate it.
It emits a sound of more than 125dB, more than enough to scare away any danger.
It is a perfect defence mechanism for women, children and potentially vulnerable people.

The portable alarm that can save you from any delicate or dangerous situation.

The world is becoming more and more dangerous. Almost everyone at this point has experienced theft, or witnessed a major incident. Many times we feel unsafe walking the streets, coming home at night or even in our own home. Nothing is like it used to be, isn't it? Children don't play on the streets as they did several decades ago. What's happening?

What's the best way to feel safe?

Fear should not afflict us or make us give up what we have always wanted to do, such as riding a bicycle, going to the cinema or simply going for a walk.

Having a courageous attitude and dealing with problems is not always the most useful thing. In fact, to avoid dangers, we often think of learning some kind of martial art or self-defense discipline. It is clear that it can help us to increase our confidence, but it cannot be the ultimate solution. Being able to deal with a threatening danger without using violence and risking injury is always the best.

What is recommended is a tool or artifact that makes us feel safe. Already, the mobile phone is a great tool to notify any event that makes us feel threatened. But it is not always at our full disposal. Perhaps the best thing is another type of gadget that makes us feel safe just by owning it. A small device that repels any kind of danger or difficulty would be ideal.

The self-defense alarm has arrived

A portable mini alarm can be a great tool to get rid of all our fears. It's a very easy to use device that only activates in threatening situations. It emits a very noisy sound, up to 120 decibels, which manages to scare off aggressors, thieves or intruders.

This product is very suitable for immediate protection. In addition, it can be carried in backpacks, bags or pockets without any problem or hassle. No one will notice.

Main advantages

  1. It is a very easy device to wear and can be perfectly combined with any outfit, as it is available in four colors: blue, pink, yellow or black. It weighs approximately 45 grams and has very small dimensions.

  2. It is an alarm that has a long battery life (12 volts), so it will not fail at the wrong time. It is made with resistant materials, so it offers a long useful life. It's scary with the emitted sound and allows other people to come immediately to help you.

  3. The way to use it is very simple. All you have to do is pull the plug on the alarm chain to start the loud sound. If you want to turn it off, it must be inserted again. The sound reaches more than 650 meters of distance.

  4. Very suitable for use by elderly people, women, children or people who are more vulnerable to violence or theft.

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